Squarebrush Drawing and Painting Bundle.

$12.00 $10.00

Splatty , Scratchy, Drippy, they’re all here


A whole raft of Drawing, Inking and Painting Tools.

Before bestowing these brushes upon Squarebrush to pass on to mortal kind, Yogg spent an infinite age honing, maturing and perfecting a highly evolvedĀ  toolset for artists and designers using Clip Studio Paint/ Manga Studio.

These tools are not limited to Comic creation, with natural and expressive sketching, inking and layout tools, but extend into the realms of anarchic, cataclysmic and wanton liquid ostentation.

Smooth painterly brushes that blend and smear. Rough and dirty bristles that scrape and stain. These brushes are more than just textured tips, they move and flow like real world media.

Squarebrush Packs can be downloaded as many times as you wish, including any improvements and additions. Yours for ….ETERNTY!

And besides…. They be Cheap as!



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